Summer 2014 Plans.

This title be a little misleading considering that this post won't necessarily be about my summer plans for myself, but plans for this blog over the summer.

So, I really am trying to amp up my game on this whole blogging thing because I would like it to get somewhere more, way past the label of "hobby" because I don't see this as just a hobby, I see it as something that I would like to do in more ways than just a pass time.

I hope that I will be having some sort of income this summer, which will open so many more doors for me involving this blog, it will help me get my own domain name without the 'blogspot' in between my webname and the big ol' DOT COM! So that would be step one, step two would be the layout, theme, and overall appearance of my blog. It does look SO lame, and sometimes it looks better than other times (I would like to think that my current appearance isn't all that shabby) I would be looking around and see what theme is pretty and well-rounded that can help me and my blog to appeal to the awesome people that happen to stumble onto my blog and maybe they'll like it enough to come back??!!!

The next step, CONTENT. I know my content is all over the place, and honestly, that's how I want it. My blog is called "Just Blog Along" for a reason, I want to be able to blog about anything and everything I want, ideas and thoughts, movies and books, food, concerts, celebrities, and maybe even some reviews here and there (like my post on Certain Dri).

I want to up my game though, I want to make my content so much better, I want people to read and like what they read and then decide they want to come back and who knows? Maybe some of them will decide to subscribe/follow?!

I've been reading advice from successful bloggers, and I see them as these awesome people who were just doing what they loved and talking about what they loved and they were able to get a positive response from it. I'm not doing this out of interest, I really want to put out my absolute best, I don't want a half way there job that will leave people unhappy with what I have given them. I want to be proud of what I am putting out.

So yes, that is what I want to achieve this summer. I am also going into college, so I feel like the change should come before I enter and transition to something new.

Who knows? Maybe I'll have some new experiences and things to do that might inspire a few posts?!

If you're taking exams, good luck.
If you graduated, CONGRATULATIONS! (woo class of 2014)
If you're on summer break, enjoy it and rock it.
And if none of the above apply to you, keep being an awesome human being.

See ya later! -J