11 June 2014

#SKOC14 - Mohegan Sun Arena

I know that this post is quite late, I promised it for Monday and then I promised it for Tuesday and well...it's finally out today..on Wednesday. Sorry, it's been a busy two days and I haven't had much down time, but here we are now. I can finally sit and write this up and finalize the video I made (!!!!!!)
I recorded the performances and I put some bits together for you all, I edited and all that good stuff!

So, the concert was at Mohegan Sun and since it was a Summer Kickoff Concert hosted by a local radio station there were quite a few performers. The performers were in this order : Hot Chelle Rae, Cash Cash, MKTO, R5, B.O.B. and Austin Mahone. Cher Lloyd was originally on the list to perform but I'm assuming something went wrong or she wasn't able to make it and MKTO took her place. Okay so Each performer sang some of their more well known songs and then their super popular songs that everyone can recognize.

They all seriously brought it, they got the crowd going and they were sooo loud that you could feel the beat in your chest and it vibrated the ground and you could feel it from the soles of your feet to the tips of your fingers and the top of your head.

I am serious concert freak (who isn't?!) (well I guess that a lot of people might not like concerts...) anyyway, it was an awesome concert and I really enjoyed it, my seats were really good as wellll, you'll be able to see that in the video!

The floor seats weren't really seats, it was general admission, that's why everyone is standing and the back of the floor is so empty, because everyone was pushed up against the stage.

The video I made is down below, and none of the voices are me (it might be awkward when you head someone singing along and all that good stuff but I seriously promise it isn't me).

Check it out, thank you once again to Kiss 95.7 and all the artists who made this night possible for all of us!!

Oh, on an end note, I think it is absolutely adorable when there are little kids at a concert and they are there for one artist in particular, like the opening act or the person that is touring. This little boy was completely feeling the beat when Austin Mahone was performing, and it was obvious that he was a huge little Austin fan because he knew all the words to his older and new songs. Austin Mahone would say that this song was off his new EP and the little boy new every word to it. It was the most adorable thing...I also saw a little boy who was a big fan of Emblem3 at the Selena Gomez Concert back in October.

So now....I present you with this video that I made and caused me a little bit of frustration but I kept going and I did it! Enjoy.

Yay!!!!! -J