One Direction - WWA Tour & Throwing Things

I was on vine yesterday, and I tweeted about this when I saw the vines..

It is pretty obvious that One Direction is the biggest band in the world at the moment, and of course that means that they have huge huge that they've been on their own stadium tour for a few months now.

What I want to talk about is the disrespect in throwing things on the stage.
Of course (or at least I hope) people aren't throwing things on stage with a purpose to hurt the guys, any fan of an artist, or performer is going to want them to know them and have a little something that they once owned or that they purchased.

But it all has to do with what you throw on stage (personally, I don't think anything should be thrown on stage, they are humans ya know?) anyway, you could throw something soft that won't hurt anyone.

Don't go throwing things that will hurt the guys! Niall tweeted about it yesterday because he was hit on his bad knee that he got surgery on a few months ago..

And as you can see....he was limping around the stage :(

Harry was also hit, right in the face. Which I think is quite upsetting and disrespectful.

(Vines belong to 1Dxlusive Clips on Vine and the videos to the concert goer that filmed them)

This isn't the firs time that Harry is hit in the face or other painful areas.

I think that out of respect of the performers who are there, singing for you, you should be super awesome and not throw anything at them or on stage!

You don't want to hurt them if you love them so dearly, do you? So let's be amazing and limit what we throw on stage because it can lead to a painful and a bit embarrassing moment for the guys.

If you're going to Where We Are, enjoy! Remember not to throw stuff, pals!

love, J