22 June 2014

Forever21, and Bath and Body Works Goodies!!!

This weekend I went to the mall and I treated myself to some nice little things.

I don't have a lot to go crazy with, so I do only get a little something every so often, I like going into Forever21 whenever I go to the mall because they usually have really cute things and they're usually inexpensive (or affordable...that doesn't mean the same thing...does it?).

I purchased this lovely pair of floral shorts, I had seen these pair a few weeks back but I was looking strictly for clothing for school activities and I just didn't have enough to sneak the shorts into my purchase, but I found myself feeling lucky yesterday..

I really like the print on these shorts, I think they would look really cute with a simple t-shirt and a pair of sandals or converse!

Something else I've been liking are these little bow like hair ties that you can tie around your ponytail or hair bun, I purchased one a few months back and I saw this pair at Forever21 and thought, well, why not?

I didn't put any other pictures because the angles were strange, and I mean, you can only take so many pictures of an item with little to work with (photography wise). Moving on, I really like these type of hair ties because you can use them whenever, of course, but they can be really useful in warm/hot weather. You can put your hair in a bun or you can make a ponytail and this little accessory adds the most adorable and simple touch to your hair!

The last two things I purchased were from Bath and Body Works. I had absolutely no idea that they had a sale (a HUGE sale might I add), they were selling things for 1/2 off and they had all sorts of deals, it was pretty cool. Since I wasn't looking to splurge, I got myself the pair of shower gel and body lotion called "Wild Citrus Sunflower". I really liked the scent, it's very fresh and summer-y and I thought it would be perfect to feel refreshed!

Not only was the scent very appealing to me, but the appearance was also very pretty, and quite lovely. So as you may or may not know, things at Bath and Body Works are quite pricey, but because of their sale, these two things which would have cost me $11.00 each, only cost me $3.00 each, woah mama that's a pretty hot deal if you ask me!

So those were the things I purchased over the weekend, did you do anything fun? Or even if you didn't, what did you do? Tell me, I promise I'll find it interesting either way.. :) -J