21 June 2014

Emblem3 Share Some News.

If you're an Emblem3 fan, then I bet you've heard the news....(say it ain't so!)

You might remember that Emblem3 consists of Drew Chadwick, and Keaton and Wesley Stromberg. Well, that's not how this group runs anymore...mhm...the guys announced yesterday that Drew has decided to pursue his solo career, and he has left Emblem3.

Drew, Wes, and Keaton auditioned for The XFactor USA in 2012 and made it through to the live shows, performing with a clear passion that proved that they were in it to win it and weren't taking no for an answer, I also remember them really standing out from the other contestants with their cool Californian vibe.

They performed an original song, and really wowed the judges and anyone who watched their audition, it was clear that these three guys would break through to many and become a favorite.

If you've forgotten their audition, or you just wish you could watch it right now because I'm talking about it, then I have it for you right below, they went through boot camp, the judges homes, but went home in 4th place towards the end of the season..

Also, who could forget their first music video? And their return home to XFactor in 2013?

The guys themselves have said that this isn't the end! This is like...a new beginning, for all three of them, Keaton, Wesley, and Drew...along with all their "emblems".
I know how upsetting this is, I was very upset, and I still am now that I'm looking back at all these videos. Their audition and bootcamp and all the steps they took to get to where they are now. 

But I know that everything will be okay. Everyone can continue to support all three of the guys fully and with all the love they have always given them and the effort they put in to making something beautiful for all their fans.

Drew has some exciting news on June 27th and Wesley and Keaton are kicking off their Fireside Story Sessions tour June 23rd in Pennsylvania! So many fun things are coming up, don't back away now because things are changing, Drew tweeting this picture yesterday:

And I couldn't agree anymore with that (I myself tweeted that picture on my twitter at the beginning of the year...strange...pretty cool too).

So don't let this get you way down, because the guys are working with this and they will be able to make it through for all their fans and so that they can continue to do what they love, and so should you!

Emblem3 isn't over...so your support shouldn't be either! :) Look forward! -J