Highschool Graduate?!

I graduated highschool a week ago today. Strange to think that so much has happened since then, so much has happened to me, things I was looking forward to and others that I wasn't, but it turned out being one of the best experiences of my life that I know I will always remember.

I have grown a lot since the beginning of freshman year in highschool, back in August of 2010. I really have opened my eyes to things and have become more open to new things and new people, these last two days, Thursday and Friday, I had college orientation and it was the saddest, weirdest, most annoying thing to me because I just graduated a place that I completely and absolutely love and now I have to move on to a place that I felt would take forever to grow on me, I would be unhappy and uncomfortable until who knows how many months in.

I was so utterly wrong. The two orientation days only opened my eyes and excited me for the future that was completely unknown but exhilarating. When I arrived  in the morning, on the first day, all I knew was that I was nervous and that all the new students were stressing me out because this was only a small group of my new class, due to the fact that there is multiple orientation sessions and I was at session one. The current students that were leading the orientation were quick to make me feel comfortable and welcomed.

I was not looking forward to that orientation in the slightest, I wanted the weekend to come so I could be done and over with the two days that I would have to be spending at my new school with a lot of people that I didn't even know.

My last day of orientation was yesterday, and I really honestly and truly wish I could go back for one more day (or two I don't know....). I loved it so much that I want to get to August already so I can go to the welcome week for the new students and current students that will finish helping us get accustomed to college life. But of course, it's summer and I'm going to enjoy my time off.

The first few days after graduation and before orientation, I was sad, and kind of angry. I left a place I loved so dearly and was expected to show up to another location with people I never knew and form a new routine and new friendships, but it turned out being something so exciting.

I can honestly say that I am so ecstatic to be going to college this coming August, making new friends and trying new things. I'll be adventurous in the things I do and I won't care about what anyone thinks of me or if they tell me I can't do something because of my personality. I have dreams and if I want to achieve them, I'll have to throw myself (obviously with certain caution) to opportunities and events, organizations and people that will help me get where I want to get and where I am meant to be.

Here's to new beginnings! -J