18 April 2014

"You & I" Music Video

One Direction's newest music video "You & I" came out this morning (or afternoon, night?) according to where you live is when it was released.

I'm a fan of One Direction and I'm always excited to see what else they have up and coming, like, I'm very excited to listen to their next album..their fourth one (WHAT?! FOURTH! where has the time gone?) It's strange the way time passes, it feels like they've been around forever, and then again it feels like they haven't been around all that long.

The success they've amounted to is what makes it seem like they've been blessing our ears with music and eyes with videos for longer than they really have.

So, You & I, you know the song. It's slow and romantic, the sound is more mature and and touching, so the music video fits it perfectly, at least I think it does.

You get the intimacy of viewer and band, you get one on one according to the solos, and then as you close up on Harry;s face bam you zoom out and there is a whole bunch of Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn. If you watched it you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't watched it....check it out...

I think that the music video is just right for the song, you needed something soft and intimate like this, you can't have something like the "Midnight Memories" music video because that just wouldn't make sense. I liked the creativity of the transition of boys, the way they would turn or put their hand up and then down and they transformed into a different band member, my sister was watching and she comments "Shape-shifter!" The concept was clever and honestly, quite unexpected to all of the fans and viewers. 
Not only that but the guys really seemed to be stretching themselves out for the filming of this video, I mean...

Everyone on set seemed pretty cold, and it looks cold. Let's thank the guys and all the people who worked on this video for spending their day filming in the cold for the satisfaction of the fans.

Enjoy what they are giving because they give it with a lot of looooooveeeeee! :)

So go watch the video so the Vevo record can be broken!! And thank you One Direction, Ben Winston, and everyone on that set that day. YOU ROCK! -J

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