20 April 2014

Whaatttt a Desireeeee!!

All my life I have been a book freak.

I'm serious, I read so many books, and I still do just with moderation because school takes up a lot of my time.

I used to read Cam Jansen and Amelia Bedelia and whole lot of other books. I would sit and read and finish them in a day or two, and I would wake up early to read. Book freak.

Now, when I start a book I have to make sure that I don't have other things to do for school or anything like that because, obviously, school is my first priority.

Ever since I was a child I have wanted to write a book. And I have had ideas come to my mind, different story lines and plots, and sometimes I come up with an entire conversation or scene between characters that I have no idea about, they are faceless and they have no story to them and I just imagine it.

It all comes so easy to me in my mind and then when I sit at the computer and try to type up this wonderful story I just cannot do it. I get stuck and I get frustrated and I just think about how awful I am, I think about how cheesy the line is and how it isn't even realistic. I think that is where my problem is.

I read about many authors and I read those little FAQs in the back of their books, I read about how long it took them to write the story, the road blocks (or should I say writer's block?) and the difficulties, the lack of creativity and all that. The amount of times they questioned their work, the story and the characters. They were unsure how to do this or that so they moved to another point of the story, they wrote the end to come up with the rest of the book, they stopped at the middle and read it all over and decided they wanted to change the way this happened and the result it had.

That all stresses me out. I like to have everything perfect. I like to have it happen in chronological order and I want to write my way to the end, I don't want to decide the end at the beginning, I want to decide the end when I get there. And I know I can do that, I can wait for my ending to happen when I get there, it's just everything else that I have difficulty with.

It has always been a dream of mine to write a book, and I know I still have time, and I know that if I really set myself to it, and I really believe in myself...I will be able to write that book, no matter how long it takes me.

SO believe in yourself no matter how hard things get because when you set your mind and heart on something, and you persevere, you come out the victor.

Go out there and show yourself and the world, what you're made of. Even if it does take a while longer than you would prefer. -J 

18 April 2014

"You & I" Music Video

One Direction's newest music video "You & I" came out this morning (or afternoon, night?) according to where you live is when it was released.

I'm a fan of One Direction and I'm always excited to see what else they have up and coming, like, I'm very excited to listen to their next album..their fourth one (WHAT?! FOURTH! where has the time gone?) It's strange the way time passes, it feels like they've been around forever, and then again it feels like they haven't been around all that long.

The success they've amounted to is what makes it seem like they've been blessing our ears with music and eyes with videos for longer than they really have.

So, You & I, you know the song. It's slow and romantic, the sound is more mature and and touching, so the music video fits it perfectly, at least I think it does.

You get the intimacy of viewer and band, you get one on one according to the solos, and then as you close up on Harry;s face bam you zoom out and there is a whole bunch of Liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn. If you watched it you know what I'm talking about, if you haven't watched it....check it out...

I think that the music video is just right for the song, you needed something soft and intimate like this, you can't have something like the "Midnight Memories" music video because that just wouldn't make sense. I liked the creativity of the transition of boys, the way they would turn or put their hand up and then down and they transformed into a different band member, my sister was watching and she comments "Shape-shifter!" The concept was clever and honestly, quite unexpected to all of the fans and viewers. 
Not only that but the guys really seemed to be stretching themselves out for the filming of this video, I mean...

Everyone on set seemed pretty cold, and it looks cold. Let's thank the guys and all the people who worked on this video for spending their day filming in the cold for the satisfaction of the fans.

Enjoy what they are giving because they give it with a lot of looooooveeeeee! :)

So go watch the video so the Vevo record can be broken!! And thank you One Direction, Ben Winston, and everyone on that set that day. YOU ROCK! -J

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11 April 2014


As an 18 year old, it's been about a whole year that I've been looking for a part time job.

I had one at age 16, at the summer school at my old middle school. It was a good starting point, but it ended at the end of summer and I went back to school. So I began my search, which has resulted negatively every time.

It has become extremely frustrating, because no matter how hard I try and no matter how many places I apply to, no one wants to hire me.

And I know it isn't anything personal, because I mean, these companies don't know me personally.

I have applied to literally every location you could imagine.

These sunglasses are from Tumblr, and don't really have
anything to do with this post but I thought I would
add something because it was all words. :)
DSW, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Froyo World, Target, Dollar Tree

Those are just a few that I can remember, I have applied to so many places I can't even remember all of them.

Sometimes I get emailed immediately after I send in my application being told that I "don't meet the requirements" or "we don't need you" in nicer words, and other times, I don't even get a reply. I get nothing, I send in my application, in person or online, and I don't even get an email telling me they reviewed my application and they are fully staffed or something.

It frustrates me because..what does that mean? Like if you don't even give me a reply did you even look at my application? Did you give it the time of day? Or did it just go on some pile of papers on your desk that went to the "Unimportant" drawer eventually?

Also, they tell me that I need "previous work experience" and how am I supposed to get 'work experience' in the first place if you won't hire me. I understand that the adults applying to these jobs have priority, but it is so unfair for me, being constantly shot down or completely disregarded.

I am an 18 year old girl, who is heading off to college in August and needs some sort of income. Because I need to help my parents with my expenses, and no one is willing to give me a chance. I get that I am a teenager and that my shake some companies up because the words "party" "irresponsible" "never on time" and a whole other lot of words comes to mind but that's not the case with all teenagers.

It is so hard to get a job, and while I struggle to get one, some of my classmates complain about how their "two jobs don't keep up with their shopping needs" or they hardly show up because they are too busy hanging out with their friends.

I don't know what else to say about this except, I am a hard worker who wants a shot at a job that will help me with my education and will allow me to buy myself something I like at the mall without feeling bad or not getting it at all because my parents would have to pay for it.

mhm. -J

07 April 2014

Be Awesome.

I think that a lot of teenagers today have a low image of themselves implanted in their mind. And that can be for a variety of reasons, I cannot really define you, only you can do that. 
I think that the internet has a lot to do with that, now, don't get me wrong, I love the internet, I spend more time on the internet than I should but that doesn't mean that it has its negative sides, after all, everything has a negative side.

I love tumblr. tumblr is an awesome place that allows you to put out the things you love so that they can all be on one place, your blog. It allows you to see all sorts of pictures, it can be inspiring, funny, fun and all sorts of things, you like tumblr for your own reasons. Something I don't like about tumblr, is the way some people think on there.
For example:

1) my computer screen is brighter than my future.
I know that many people just find that funny and reblog it for the heck of it, but there are people that agree with that statement and I think that it is not right to live with that mindset. Your future is in your hands, and no matter who tries to stop you, you have to keep moving forward, you have to show the world what you're made of and who you can be, what you can accomplish, and that you can do it with or without help. You have so much potential trapped inside of you, don't sit around on a computer all day and put your homework to the side. Now is the time to begin the transformation of who you will be, and you won't get anywhere joking about not going anywhere in life or with your future.

2) when a cute guy has low standards. *insert a picture or gif of a smiling girl or someone looking as though they have achieved success or a goal*
No one will ever know how much this bothers me. when a cute guy has low standards  !!!!!!!!??????!!!!?????? NO. You do not walk around thinking you are "low standards" walk around knowing that you are "high standards" because you are an awesome person. I do not care what you look like, what your shape is or the color of your hair, is it long or short, curly or straight (wavy? that's cool too) No matter what you look like you are unique and amazing and if you walk around thinking that you aren't good enough for a guy then you have to do some serious work. Don't walk around trying to grab the attention of a guy, walk around for yourself, walk around like you know you rock, because you do. Believe in yourself, you don't have to look like someone else to think more of yourself, just be you and that is good.

Those are just two things that are at the top of my head at the moment, I'm sure there are a few other things that bug me but that's all I can think of now (hey, it's been a long school day don't judge, pal).

Also, all those guys on social media, yeah it's totally fine that you think they are attractive, totally fine that you have a crush on them and you see the good in them and you want to defend them and all that, but don't go on sending death threats to people who have a different opinion than you. I love certain artists, and don't even get me started on how many times I've heard people saying mean things about them. Brush it off, don't say anything, as tempting as it might be to tweet someone some nasty comment because they said something about that guy you watch on Vine or YouTube or whatever, don't do it.

And don't let those same guys belittle you. Sometimes they talk like they could do anything or get anything with the snap of their fingers, and even if that is the case, don't go too crazy in doing things for them. You might not know the real them. Don't let guys make you feel like you're worthless, or that you're not attractive if you don't dress a certain way or if you don't do things a certain way. You are you and you're going to do things the way you stinkin want to do them because it is your life and your comfort and your body. 

So, if you're a girl, BE AN AWESOME GIRL. 

Because I used to be afraid of doing things because of what others might think or say about me, but I don't care anymore. I dress how I want to dress and I choose to do what is best for me. NOW GO DO SOMETHING AMAZING OR SOMETHING. 

(Here are some pictures of awesome females that are themselves and aren't afraid to be) -J