02 March 2014

Top Technology

We all know that technology has not been around forever, it is something that slowly came to existence and transformed into the great and powerful thing it is today.
I know that if I didn’t have technology in my life, I might be accustomed to it, but growing up during the prime time of technology’s transformations, I don’t think I could imagine my life without it.
More mature adults criticize the youth of today because of our involvement with technology. Everyone is always walking around with their nose in their phones or with their phones on their ears. Of course, when misused, technology becomes something that can consume someone’s life.  
But technology is much more than it is given credit for, it cures, creates, and inspires. When I was a child, technology wasn’t a part of my life, my mom took pictures of my sisters and I with her reusable Kodak cameras, heading to the grocery store to have them developed. Now moms everywhere take pictures of their babies with their phones or cameras, where the picture can be viewed immediately with the click of a button. Technology is being transformed into something that can give people their eyesight back, and help the deaf hear again. People who once saw nothing, and heard nothing can now see the beautiful world they live in, they can hear the sounds of rain falling outside their window, and the birds chirping outside their window on an early spring morning.
Families who live across the country and never get to see each other, to embrace and kiss on the cheek can now see each other on their computer and speak on the phone.  The fact that this can be done, is unbelievable, breath taking, because without the technology that exists at the tip of our fingers, we might never know certain people, because we would all move away and never be able to keep in touch and up to date on the happenings of one another.
Technology has allowed teenagers all over the world become friends with one another, all because of the fact that they love the same band, this one band can unite thousands of people, people that would have never even known of each other’s existence.
This brings me to my own experience with technology and what led me to it.
I was never really involved with technology, I had trouble writing my essays in fifth grade because I didn’t know how to type fast, and I owned my own MillsBerry account, trying to gain enough points in the arcade to purchase the ridiculously overpriced shoes I wanted. In eighth grade, I created a Twitter account that I rarely used.
Not until 2012, did I become more heavily involved in the world of technology. I was interested in music, and artists, the idea of being able to openly talk about things I loved on a social media site, and not be judged for it because everyone who saw what I said, felt the same way excited me. I stayed in touch on my IPod and my computer, I made friends and I discovered all sorts of things that I would only find out about weeks later on the television.
I use my IPod and my computer to interact with others, I do love both, and now I’ve upgraded to my phone and not so much my IPod. I think it is hard to choose between the two, because both are so integrated into my everyday life, but I would say that my computer allows me to do much more than my phone does, it lets me see things so much clearer and allows me to more easily access many other things.
My computer allows me to tweet a quirky thought on my Twitter, or check what my friends and family are up to on Facebook, I can endlessly scroll through Tumblr and save pictures that I like, check my email and type up quick responses. And most importantly, I can check up on my blog and see its growth. My blog was something that I did in the spur of the moment, I wasn’t going to take it seriously, I was going to type up whenever I felt like it and if I felt like it. But as time progressed, I realized how much I loved writing something crazy that was based on my thoughts and ideas. I was writing about my thoughts and feelings about something, and posting it so others could read it, I post pictures of fun events I’ve attended and exciting news in the entertainment world, things about my own life that are causing me stress and trouble. Without technology, my blog wouldn’t exist.
My computer is important to me. It allows me to easily stay in touch with friends and family, discover what is happening in the world I live in, and create something that people can find entertainment in. I love technology. -J