Overactive Sweat Glands...

This blog post might make you shudder because..

1) You hate armpits (like some people hate feet)
2) You can relate

...yeah those are the only two reasons I might think this post might make you shudder.
I have had this problem since I was a fresh out of growth spurt young-ling (that makes sense right?) My underarms would sweat like craaaazy, it was a serious problem that made me self-conscious and unhappy because it interfered with not only my comfort, but the clothing I bought and wore.

See, you cannot wear that pretty grey shirt because you know that before you even leave the house there will be sweat stains, and you cannot wear that pretty lace dress because the combination of the sweat and the lace will make you completely uncomfortable.

As I got older, I realized that this was a problem that I wasn't going to grow out of, and I needed to address it ASAP. Now, I'm only 18 years old but I have had to suffer with wet underarms for about my entire teenage life. When I went out with my family and went into the deodorant aisle to get a new one, I found different brands of deodorant that helped with excessive sweating, I tried one, and it worked! That first night, it was absolutely okay and I was so happy that I had finally solved my problem. But the next day (sad violin music playing in the background) my overactive sweat glands made a reappearance...sad Joanna:(

I tried different brands for months, and they would work at first and then they would stop. This helped me lead to the conclusion that my problem was bigger than any deodorant for excessive sweating could help me out of. One day, as I was in the deodorant/body spray/toothpaste etc. aisle, I happened to lay my eyes on a little beauty.

Certain Dri.
I reached for the box and read "Clinical Strength" and I got so excited. I got it and used it that first night, and I almost cried. I was so happy with the results the next day as well, I applied Certain Dri and didn't apply any normal deodorant before or after, and my underarms were still COMPLETELY dry. I touched my underarm and there was NO wetness at all. And, again, I almost cried. I did apply some normal deodorant before school and going out because Certain Dri doesn't particularly help with the smelliness of the underarm.

I am still using Certain Dri, and there are some nights when I forget to apply it and I wake up and go through the day absolutely okay, no sweat. Now, if you are absolutely hopeless and you think there is no chance you will ever have dry underarms (like I did) then I suggest you try Certain Dri. When you first use it there will be some itchiness but it goes away, and the results make you absolutely ecstatic. -Joanna