14 March 2014

#NeonLightsTour : Demi, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix!!!

When I found out that this trio were coming to my state for Demi's Neon Lights Tour I freaked. Of course, things were a little crazy so I wasn't expected to go, I actually was sure I wouldn't be attending the concert.

Curiosity got the best of me and I went on YouTube and searched "Fifth Harmony Neon Lights Tour" and "Little Mix Neon Lights Tour" AND "Demi Neon Lights Tour" and that did it for me. Literally, I knew that I couldn't miss this show. And I talked with my parents about it and after deliberation, WE GOT TICKETS!!!

Let me tell you, I was sooo pumped for this concert like talk about GIRL POWER.

So I got the tickets two weeks before the show, and I was like YESSSS SO EXCITED!!!!

The two weeks went super fast and all of a sudden BAM it's Sunday and the concert is THAT NIGHT.

We drove to the venue/arena whatever you want to call it and it was COLD but I was so excited that I really didn't care. Got a nice tour shirt (Demi's tour shirts are the MOST AWESOME I have ever seen at a concert fyi). There were a whole bunch of people and it was really exciting to see everyone there to see the same person/people as you, isn't it great, what music and concerts do?! They unite so many people, ugh I love it all sOOOOOooooOoooOOOOooo much!!


Collin's Key, you know that guy from America's Got Talent, the magician dude? Yeah, he was there and he introduced himself and he came out and did a few tricks before and after both Fifth Harmony and Little Mix's performances, yeah.


Their entrance was so exciting and pretty and cute and I could feel my happiness and excitement grow as the music started going faster and faster until BOOM, they ripped off the covers of their cute little stands "And we play our favorite songs and we scream out all night long like oooOoooOooOOOOooooOOO when it's just me and my girls" And they were doing all sorts of cool dancing and booty popping and they looked so amazing. They were strutting around all fierce and cool and they had all sorts of dance moves and I loved EVERY second of it.

At one point Normani left the stage and I was like, uhhhhhhhhh, Normani? Where are you??!!! And then she came back on and sang and no one knew why Normany left the stage, until later. She tweeted that her top was about to fall off so she had to go backstage and fix it before she flashed everyone. lol.

Here are some awesome pictures I took of the homegirls (well not really, I've never met them, but I do wish)


They came out and killlllllllllllled it. Their dancing was fierce and cool and just, ugh, no words, AMAZING.
They came out singing "Salute" and after Perrie introduced them all they sang "Move" and they danced some more. They sang acapella of "How Ya Doin" (THEY HAVE BEAUTIFUL VOICES, THEY ARE SO TALENTED) and they sang "DNA" and "Little Me" and a few other songs of theirs and I have been a fan of Little Mix for a while and I am just so happy that I got to see them in concert (going back to 5H for a sec, I have been a fan of theirs since XFactor, like when they were put together I was like hmmmmm and then they sang at judge's houses and was like ILOVEYOU??!!?)

So I honestly want to see both these groups of lovely ladies in concert and if I am given the opportunity, I am taking it.

Below are some pictures of Little Mix! :)


Now for the lady that everyone was waiting for. She put on the sickest show I've ever been to. She had lights going all over the place and she was real and cool and amazing. She performed a few songs, not that many actually, but hey, not complaining. Nick didn't come out and sing, wellllllllll, I'm not too sure why.

Demi talked with her fans and gave a speech, in that moment everything was absolutely silent.

She had a moment where she played her Disney days on the screens, Sonny with a Chance, Camp Rock, her music videos and her songs like "Remember December" and "La la land" and that was really awesome. To see how much she has grown as an artist, and her crazy physical appearance change like, Mitche was all rockin the brown hair and here we have her now, with PINK hair! It's so cool.

Demi ROCKS. (Sidenote: Demi moved SOO much that she made it a little hard for me to take pictures of her, BUT THAT'S OKAY)

 I hope you had the oppurtunity to go to the Neon Lights Tour when it went through your area, and if you didn't, don't feel bad, you're still awesome!:) -J