08 February 2014

NO! XFactor, Come Back!

I am absolutely upset, to say the least.

I am a HUGE fan of the XFactor, and the talent that comes from that show.

Amazing groups come from there including Emblem3, Fifth Harmony and Alex and Sierra.

There has also been other amazing talent that we have had the privilege to see and watch grow.

As I scrolled through my Facebook timeline, I came across an article, from Entertainment Weekly to be exact, "Fox cancels XFactor" is what it read, and when I opened it up, I read that Fox was canceling the show because of its declining views, and Simon Cowell's decision to return to the UK XFactor.

Im so sad. SO sad.

Like, that was my favorite singing competition and now it's gone:(

I hope Simone will make an attempt to bring it back at some point, because canceling it like that really it just, meh.

I mean, if you're a fan of American Idol or The Voice, then you go (I am currently watching American Idol), but you know, I think it is completely uneccessary to rejoice the cancel of The XFactor, because I mean, you weren't watching it, so it really shouldn't make you so happy. I mean, everyone likes different things.

So, yes, sad, annoying, GR.

I'd like to make a Twitition to bring it back, I mean, they probably will not bring it back soon, they might not bring it back at all, but at least they can see that the fact that it was cancelled upset people. And who knows, it's worth a try, right?
Click here to sign my Twitition!

See ya next time! -J