24 February 2014

#bandlife: Emblem3 Concert

As I have been mentioning here and there over the last few weeks, I had tickets to Emblem3's concert on Saturday, and it was a lot of fun.

We arrived about an hour before it started, and the doors were already opened, we got our tickets scanned and we were then allowed in, the merch table was on the other side of the doors, but the line was pretty big so we went in to find our seats and then we went back out a little bit after to buy the merchandise we wanted.

Once inside, we waited for the first opening act to come out, and soon he did. He did a good job, Jackson Guthy...cool dude.

Then we waited a little bit more after his performance, and then MKTO came out, they also did a nice job.

We then waited for a near HOUR, which was kind of boring..I'm not going to lie, I was dozing off a little, I hadn't gotten all that much sleep and it was also really warm in the theater, the music wasn't even playing loud, so it was like a lull that was putting me to sleep..the music would stop and everyone would start screaming, but the lights would not dim...the next song started playing and we would just keep waiting.

I think I would have liked to be wired up with the music, with dance alongs with crazy stuff, I mean, it's Emblem3 and they are siiiiick guys.

FINALLY, the song stopped, and the lights dimmed, and the screaming got louder than before, and after a few moments, out rolled Drew on his skateboard, followed by Wes on his own skateboard, and Keaton came last but not least, walking.

The guys were energized and they pumped up the crowd, there was hand waving and bouncing and jumping and singing along, lights were flashing in every direction and the staging was SO pretty. It was like a garage setting with their mini fridge and their skate ramp, their surfboards, and lava lamps, the brown couch. Then the background was a star setting, and there were lights hanging from the top of the stage, UGH BEAUTIFUL.

The audience would get lit up so the guys could see us, and I really liked that because it makes the audience excited with the possibility that the guys can see us, and they wave and smile and throw out peace signs and all sorts of signs....amazing.

It was a seriously amazing experience..

I'm so happy that I was able to be there for their first tour, I've known them since their XFactor audition back in 2012, and it's really exciting to see an artist grow, and improve and just be all around nice people who love what they're doing and love the people who support them with their entire heart.

Thanks for an amazing experience Emblem3:)

Here are some pictures I took!

Are you going to a #bandlife concert, or did you go to one?
What was your experience like?

08 February 2014

NO! XFactor, Come Back!

I am absolutely upset, to say the least.

I am a HUGE fan of the XFactor, and the talent that comes from that show.

Amazing groups come from there including Emblem3, Fifth Harmony and Alex and Sierra.

There has also been other amazing talent that we have had the privilege to see and watch grow.

As I scrolled through my Facebook timeline, I came across an article, from Entertainment Weekly to be exact, "Fox cancels XFactor" is what it read, and when I opened it up, I read that Fox was canceling the show because of its declining views, and Simon Cowell's decision to return to the UK XFactor.

Im so sad. SO sad.

Like, that was my favorite singing competition and now it's gone:(

I hope Simone will make an attempt to bring it back at some point, because canceling it like that really it just, meh.

I mean, if you're a fan of American Idol or The Voice, then you go (I am currently watching American Idol), but you know, I think it is completely uneccessary to rejoice the cancel of The XFactor, because I mean, you weren't watching it, so it really shouldn't make you so happy. I mean, everyone likes different things.

So, yes, sad, annoying, GR.

I'd like to make a Twitition to bring it back, I mean, they probably will not bring it back soon, they might not bring it back at all, but at least they can see that the fact that it was cancelled upset people. And who knows, it's worth a try, right?
Click here to sign my Twitition!

See ya next time! -J

06 February 2014

Second Half of Senior Year

I've come to realize in the month I've had to be a second semester senior in high school, that something is wrong with me.

I'm not too sure what it is, but I seem to be a little bit...off?

I'm always on top of my school work, I know what is due when and how and where, but lately, I don't know the difference between left and right. And that is bad, yes, I know. I need to buckle down and keep doing as good as I have been.

I think that I have a lot on my mind, there is still all the college applications and the scholarship applications, and finishing senior year with good grades (maybe some senior slide towards the end?), I've also found my mind wondering to all the end of the year senior activities, and all the other awesome senior-y things I'll be doing with my class, I'm thinking about graduation and college.

I should be focused on now.

Do you ever do that? You just, find yourself at a stand-still, your life is on the verge of closing one chapter and starting a new one, and you keep thinking about the next chapter, but you need to focus on the one you're on right now? Does that make sense? I feel like, I'm so close to the next step of my life, but I'm still trying to complete this step, but I am stumbling a little bit.

I really need to focus on my grades, hence why I haven't been blogging all that much. I find myself going into the week with nothing to do, and as the week begins I have mountains and mountains of things to do, people to see, and homework to do. I'm throwing essays left and right and I'm taking tests and quizzes like there is no tomorrow, I'm studying and outlining history and psychology chapters. ROUGH.

Sometimes I feel like I'm carrying a huge stack of books and papers and, occasionally, I trip over a pebble and everything just, falls to the floor, and I find myself trying to pick everything up but it gets so complicated.

I think I need to take a breather, and write more things down in my planner.

I hope this all made sense, I used a lot of metaphors....

So, yeah, life is complicated and rough and sometimes it makes me want to cry because it slaps me in the face when I least expect it. But, graduation is in May, so I have to keep going till then.

Then...summer 2014, woah.

But for now, keep an eye out for a blog post about my Emblem3 concert this month! :) -J