XFactor USA: And Then There Were 3

Yesterday was the Semi-Finals on XFactor, and unfortunately we has to lose one act, and that act was Restless Road.

Everyone did an incredible job during their performances the night before, I think it was definitely a hard one, and I don't think anyone knew what to expect.

Mario sure did cause some sweating when he was about to announce the first act through the to the finals, he paused for what seemed like an eternity, and then said that we would find out after the break. Darn.
When they did come back from break, the first act announced through to the final round was Carlito Olivero, he then went on to sing "Suavemente" the performance is right below:

The next act through was Alex and Sierra and they sang "Let Her Go"

The suspense was  intense when the audience was left waiting in silence for the name of the third and final act through to the finals, Jeff Gutt or Restless Road? And the name called was Jeff Gutt. Who sang

Restless Road gave their exit interview and man, is it sad to see yet another group of talented ones go..

Next week we will see the Final 3, battle for first place. We will also get performances from Mary J. Blige annnnndddddd One Direction!!!! woooooo.

So next week will definately be an exciting week, I can't believe we're coming down to the finale now, seems like just yesterday I was watching day one of auditions. WOW.

So which of the top three is your favorite? -J