XFactor USA 2013 Winner!


XFactor is over until next year, I am a bit sad...wah. Love XFactor and love to see all the talented people that come out of it.

And well, guess what, this last Thursday, our winners were announced.

Remember, the top 3 were:

Carlito Olivero
Alex and Sierra
Jeff Gutt

Now, our third place spot went to Carlito.
He was definitely very lovely about it. He was smiling and he also stated that he was able to make it to third and how amazing that was, I thought he took it very well.
After a few performances from One Direction, Pitbull, Leona Lewis and so on, right at the end of the show, we had Simon with Alex and Sierra and Kelly with Jeff Gutt, standing on either side of Mario Lopez.

Mario went on with his stomach turning, nerve-wracking little mini speech, then he he said that the winners of the XFactor 2013 were........... *extremely long and terrifying pause with suspenseful music* Alex and Sierra!!

Yup, Alex and Sierra won the XFactor 2013, and I think it was very well deserved.

Let's not forget Jeff Gutt. He is amazing as well, not only is he extremely talented, but I mean, from 2012 when he was sent home at Bootcamp and didn't even make it to Judges Houses, to 2013 and winning 2nd place?!!?! That's some pretty great improvement like seriously, I know he wanted first and maybe it was upsetting not to get it, but I think he accomplished great things, and he will continue to do so.

Alex and Sierra sang "Say Something" after their victory, and Alex couldn't even begin the song because he was crying, and Sierra was there to help him get through and sing and they sang to each other and she wiped his tears and all the contestants of the season came out running from behind the big moving screen on the stage and they surrounded Alex and Sierra and people were crying and hugging and there was confetti and everyone was dressed in white except for Alex and Sierra (and Jeff) and Alex and Sierra kept singing and Simon looked so proud and I was so proud and I wanted to cry a little. (Sorry for the run on, I'm just so excited) Well, yeah, it was epic and it was wonderful and beautiful and well deserved.

I love Alex and Sierra, and I cannot wait to buy their music and see what it is they will come up with!!!!

Congratulations to the Top 3, and everyone who made it to the live shows, you were fantastic! -J