29 November 2013

XFactor USA: The Final 6

Last night was the results show on The XFactor, and we were shocked once again to see two leave the competition.

This time, the two to go were Lillie McCloud and Josh Levi.

Josh Levi and Rion Paige sang for survival, after they each sang, the judges chose who they were sending home. Demi saved Rion, who is in her category, Paulina saved Josh, who was in her category. Kelly saved Josh Levi and Simon sent it to Deadlock, in which the decision is placed in the hands of the public, whoever had the least amount of votes from the public was sent home.

Josh Levi went home, and that was upsetting. But you know it is upsetting to see people go.

The final 6 are as follows:

Alex and Sierra
Ellona Santiago
Jeff Gutt
Restless Road
Carlito Olivero
Rion Paige

So it is exciting to see the competition winding down, just sad to see it coming to an end, since we do wait for it for a year and when it finally comes back it goes in the blink of an eye!

So next Thursday we will be seeing Emblem3 come back to XFactor!!!

They will be singing 3000 Miles and let me tell ya, it will be really awesome to see them come back on the stage where they catapulted to success.

Previous performers include One Direction, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, and Michael Buble.

Some pictures of these performances will be down below, so yeah, let me know if you tune in to XFactor and who your favorite acts are, or if your favorite act has already been voted off, are you hoping to see them make it far? -J

All photos belong to The XFactor USA