25 November 2013

New York City!!

On Friday, November 22, I had to opportunity to go to New York. And let me tell you, although the Rockerfeller tree has not been lit yet, all the lights that cover up the trees and everything else around it, is beautiful.

I headed off to NYC at about 7:30 in the morning, the travel took a few hours because we got caught in traffic (I traveled on a coach bus), we passed Time Square and Rockerfeller Plaza and other small neighborhoods.

We traveled to the Statue of Liberty, but only saw it from far away, it was still really amazing to see, there was a bit of fog and it made the sight even more incredible. I thought it was pretty cool, I have never seen the statue in real life, and I feel like its one of those things that a lot of people want to see, so I am glad I was able to.

After we were given a chance to stand around and take pictures, we boarded back on the bus and headed towards and more upsetting destination. The 9/11 Memorial.Let me just tell you, the security you have to go through to get to the memorial is pretty intense, a little frightning, but if you have nothing to hide I mean, you're fine!After getting through security, we walked to the memorial, and you could immediately hear the water falling in the enormous fountains. As we walked closer to the fountains, the water was louder, and it was very chilly.It is a sad ground, it is beautiful what they have done with it. They are building 7 more towers, they already have a few, they have also already built the tallest skyscraper in North America. It was definitely something memorable. 

 Another thing we saw was the survivor tree, it was the only tree that made it through the tragedy that was 9/11. They found it under all the debris, and they took it out and nurtured it to full life, and they placed it in the memorial.

 After the 9/11 Memorial we headed to Rockerfeller Plaza, where we were set free to have lunch and do some quick shopping around the area. That was a good time to really talk with friends and just have a good 'ol laugh.

We walked around the plaza, and took all sorts of pictures, of the Christmas decorations, of each other, we visited different little shops and did all sorts of fun things.

Look its the tree! Too bad it was all covered
up while they decorated it.

 After about 3 hours or so, we were set to meet back in front of the NBC Experience Store, we were lead up the stairs of the store and were given our tickets and lanyards to put them in. We walked in were told and showed a few things, and our tour began!

We saw a few studios where the news and popular televisions shows are filmed, we got some insider secrets and told all sorts of things from lighting to cameras to different green screen effects. We got to see the Saturday Night Live set, and guess who was in there practicing his skits? GUESS. Okay, Josh Jutcherson. It was pretty darn cool to see him in person, really cool. Wow, taking a moment to think back on that, woah. He was actually in there...anyway, yes jhutch was actually in there and we got to see him, cool.

Photo and video are not allowed in the studios so I have nothing from that part of the trip:(

After that it was about time to go home, and when we stepped outside, wow. Take a look.

Obviously these pictures do not do the actual beauty any justice, but it is very beautiful.

After that we boarded the bus and headed home, it was a great trip, definitely something I will never forget.

If you ever get the chance to visit New York City during the Christmas season, or at any point of the year, take the opportunity, you will not regret it!

Here are some other pictures I took while on my trip:)