XFactor 2013: First Live Show!!!

Yesterday night was the first live show on the XFactor USA, and sadly, 4 people were sent home:(

Each category performed one at a time, first went Demi's girls. Starting with Ellona Santiago, and ending with Khaya Cohen. Then went the Paulina's boys, starting with Josh Levi and ending with Tim Olstad, they were followed by the Kelly's Over 25's starting with Lillie McCloud and ending with James Kenney. Last but not least were Simon's groups starting with RoxXy Montana and ending with Restless Road.

As each category performed and finished, they were placed on the tips of the X stage with a red light falling over them, only turning white when they were put through to the actual live shows in which the votes are by the people viewing.

From the girls, the one sent home by Demi Lovato was Danie Geimer, the boy sent home by Paulina was Josh Levi, the "over 25" sent home by Kelly was James Kenney, and the group sent home by Simon was RoxXy Montana. It was all really upsetting that they had to eliminate another four talented group of people, I was extremely upset with the eliminations, one in particular, but hey, I hope this isn't the last I hear of these talented people!!!

Final 12-

Demi's Girls:
Ellona Santiago
Rion Paige
Khaya Cohen

Paulina's Boys:
Tim Olstad
Carlito Olivero
Carlos Guevara

Kelly's Over 25's:
Lillie McCloud
Rachel Potter
Jeff Gutt

Simon's Groups:
Alex and Sierra
Sweet Suspense
Restless Road

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen, the Final 12!

So the performances, I think that everyone did a great job in their own way, everyone has a different style and they worked it according to what they were singing and such, and I think that it was all a little different and I cannot wait to see more.

Rion was on fire, her performance was wonderful and she was a little butt-kicker. Ellona was a total diva, and wow, props to her for being able to do a whole dance number, run and jump, and sing (without losing her breath) especially with all the pressure and nerves I'm sure she was under. Khaya's voice is so unique, I can see her getting far in the competition. Jeff Gutt's performance was amazing, love his voice, Rachel definitely redeemed herself yesterday, wonderful performance. Restless Road definitely surprised me with their choice of song, but they added their own country...ness...? to it! Alex and Sierra, I adore them. I think they are amazzziiiinnnggggg, I really hope to see them get far in the competition!

I know I didn't get everyone but trust me, everyone gave it their all, and I cannot wait to see what more they have to give next week!! Below are some of the performances from last night! :)

That's all I'll put here, but there were many more great performances! Check them out here!! -J