Selena Gomez and Emblem3 Concert: Mohegan Sun Arena

Selena Gomez and Emblem3 were in Connecticut yesterday, October 19. My family and I headed off to Mohegan Sun at around 3:30pm, the drive was about an hour, and it was soo much fun. Personally, I really like long car rides, they are fun and it's like an adventure. We had some snacks for the way, and we just drove, and as we got closer and closer, the excitement grew. The signs for Mohegan were beginning to appear more and more often, soon the tall, beautiful buildings were in sight!!

We drove our way over to a parking, and soon we were out of the car, on our way to an elevator, headed into the building!

There were children with their parents, and teenage girls with their friends everywhere!

Walking around, we saw some extremely beautiful areas, a candy store, and the hotel lobby, the tree in front of a waterfall bar/restaurant.

The entrance to the arena looked marvelous, and it was extremely exciting to walk past it every time, it was only about an hour until doors opened.

We stopped by Starbucks and got ourselves a drink and an apple fritter. We walked back over to the entrance of the arena, and the crowd was already larger than the last time we had passed by it. Soon it was 6pm and the doors were opened! Everyone crowded near the entrance, and some people were patted down by security, and we had our bags checked, tickets were scanned, and we were in! We found our seat entrance (since there are different entrances for each section) and the usher lead us to our seats, where we waited for the show to begin!

The first performer was a YouTube originated singer named Christina Grimmie, she was very good, her performance was lovely.

After she was finished, the lights came back on and the Emblem3 stage set was revealed!!!! 

The crowd waited for a bit longer and then, the guys of Emblem3 popped out of the E3 box and really got the party started.

They sang Sunset Boulevard, XO, Girl Next Door, 3000 Miles, One Day, Just For One Day, Spaghetti and a cover of Diamonds
I seriously enjoyed Emblem3 and I cannot wait until they are on their own tour, that is something I am looking forward to very much.

After Emblem3 was gone :( .. the Selena Gomez set was prepared, and it was very elegant, I thought.

Again, the crowd waited for a bit, and then the lights went off and the band began beating at the drums and playing their guitars. The video began playing on the screens and Selena came out.

She performed new songs and old songs, she ran and danced, she was amazing and beautiful and it was a lovely experience. Here are some other pictures I took, I hope you get a chance to see them if you like any of them! 

:) - J