17 September 2013

XFactor 2013

Yippeee XFactor has returned!

It came back last last Wednesday and Thursday and it will be on again this Wednesday and Thursday.

There was some good auditions and some bad ones, there was humor and touching moments.

The judges panel is no longer Simon, Demi, LA Reid, and Britney. It is now Simon, Demi, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio.

They make a pretty awesome team, they are all funny and they give good critiques and they all take their job seriously so that's awesome to see!

Now, my favorite audition from last week has got to go to a couple that auditioned together and their names are Alex and Sierra. Goodness Gracious, they were soooooooo amazing, wow. I seriously loved them and their voices and the way they sang Toxic was just so wonderful. They got four yeses and rightfully so, I cannot wait to hear more from them. Do good guys you're amazing and I don't wanna see you go!!!

Another person that was real cool was Al Calderon, he was nice and charismatic and he sang great as well, so that's another I cannot wait to see move forward!

Let me know who your favorite or favorites were, and make sure to tune in this Wednesday and Thursday!-J