08 September 2013

Finding a Job?

Summer of 2012 I had a part-time job, it was really awesome, I really enjoyed it and got pretty good pay.

I had a really fun time, I worked at a school's summer camp and they went on local field trips, I went with them and helped watch after groups assigned to be under my watch. It wasn't a very long job, it started in July and ended in August, but it was overall a great experience.

This last summer, I was applying to jobs all over the place. I applied to dollar stores, Pizza Hut, Toys"R"Us, T.J.Maxx, DSW, Target and so many other places I do not even remember. No one called me back, they either emailed me telling me they did not currently need me, or they just didn't contact me. Ouch.

So I spent Summer 2013 without a job. Instead I did my summer reading, and just relaxed and had some small adventures with friends and family.

The school year has since begun, and still no one has contacted me. It's alright, Ill be 18 soon and hopefully I'll have more luck!

So if you are currently 16 or 17 years old, and you're looking for a job as well, don't stress over it. The time will come, you'll find something and you'll make you're own little bit of cash to have for yourself. Don't worry too much on a job if it isn't absolutely necessary, focus on school and fun activities and things to do with your friends.

I'm not worried over getting a job. I'm currently focusing on school and grades because it is my last year of high school and I'll be having to meet all sorts of deadlines for college.

So, if you're finding it difficult to find someone to hire you, don't you worry, you'll have someone contacting you sooner than you think. - J