27 September 2013


I'm currently a senior in high school, when Junior year ended I was ecstatic because the one year I had been waiting for, for what seemed like forever, was finally within reach! Everyone in the classes above me always told me, "Sophomore year is the absolute hardest!" but then I'd hear "Junior year is the worst, colleges see your grades!" and everyone always praised Senior year as the "easiest" year and always talked about "senior slide".

Personally, I think Sophomore year was awesome, it was way harder than Freshman year, yes, but it wasn't as impossible as everyone made it appear. Junior year was amazing!!! I loved  Junior year. Now, I sit in a desk, as one of the many seniors. Literally, the leaders of the school, and sure it feels great to say "I'm a Senior" and it's nice being the oldest, with the most to look forward to in the next year, but it is the most stressful, and busy year of my high school life.

Being a senior is so much more than just "being a senior". The role comes along with the weight of leadership, spirit, unity, we are looked up to by the underclassmen. Everyone is watching us to see what we mold into, who we'll be by the time May rolls around and we're finally graduating. How will we leave our mark? Along with all that, everyone is asking about college.

College, college, college.

What schools are you looking at? Do you wanna go out of state? Are you staying in state? Will you stay at a dorm or will you commute? What do you want to do in the future? What are your interests? What are you looking to major in? Why do you want to major in that? Have you taken the SATs? How about the ACTs? Are you doing early action? Do you have a dream school?

It's all too much.

I think some adults need to take a few steps back and realize that we're only 17, 18 years old. We don't have our entire life planned out. We still have so many decisions to make, and things to do. And although they are trying to be helpful, they are really only making a lot of us more stressed.

They tell me that colleges see my 1st quarter grades, so while I'm trying to juggle all these other classes, the tests and quizzes, the homework, I am also looking at colleges. I'm looking at application deadlines, and scholarship deadlines, and costs and trying to figure out what it is I want to do.

It gets overwhelming at times, sometimes its almost as though I would like to just lock myself up in a dark room for a few minutes, away from everyone and just take a deep breath without someone hounding on me about my future and what it is I'm planning for myself.

It's all difficult right now, we're getting through the college process, slowly but surely. And I'm going to enjoy my senior year, I'm going to make the best of my last year in high school, with all my amazing classmates. Because I sure do not want to look back a year from now, wishing I had enjoyed everything, I want to instead take in every moment that comes along with senior year.

There is stress, but we all have to take a deep breath, and enjoy. Everything will turn out the way its supposed to. -J

17 September 2013

XFactor 2013

Yippeee XFactor has returned!

It came back last last Wednesday and Thursday and it will be on again this Wednesday and Thursday.

There was some good auditions and some bad ones, there was humor and touching moments.

The judges panel is no longer Simon, Demi, LA Reid, and Britney. It is now Simon, Demi, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio.

They make a pretty awesome team, they are all funny and they give good critiques and they all take their job seriously so that's awesome to see!

Now, my favorite audition from last week has got to go to a couple that auditioned together and their names are Alex and Sierra. Goodness Gracious, they were soooooooo amazing, wow. I seriously loved them and their voices and the way they sang Toxic was just so wonderful. They got four yeses and rightfully so, I cannot wait to hear more from them. Do good guys you're amazing and I don't wanna see you go!!!

Another person that was real cool was Al Calderon, he was nice and charismatic and he sang great as well, so that's another I cannot wait to see move forward!

Let me know who your favorite or favorites were, and make sure to tune in this Wednesday and Thursday!-J

08 September 2013

Finding a Job?

Summer of 2012 I had a part-time job, it was really awesome, I really enjoyed it and got pretty good pay.

I had a really fun time, I worked at a school's summer camp and they went on local field trips, I went with them and helped watch after groups assigned to be under my watch. It wasn't a very long job, it started in July and ended in August, but it was overall a great experience.

This last summer, I was applying to jobs all over the place. I applied to dollar stores, Pizza Hut, Toys"R"Us, T.J.Maxx, DSW, Target and so many other places I do not even remember. No one called me back, they either emailed me telling me they did not currently need me, or they just didn't contact me. Ouch.

So I spent Summer 2013 without a job. Instead I did my summer reading, and just relaxed and had some small adventures with friends and family.

The school year has since begun, and still no one has contacted me. It's alright, Ill be 18 soon and hopefully I'll have more luck!

So if you are currently 16 or 17 years old, and you're looking for a job as well, don't stress over it. The time will come, you'll find something and you'll make you're own little bit of cash to have for yourself. Don't worry too much on a job if it isn't absolutely necessary, focus on school and fun activities and things to do with your friends.

I'm not worried over getting a job. I'm currently focusing on school and grades because it is my last year of high school and I'll be having to meet all sorts of deadlines for college.

So, if you're finding it difficult to find someone to hire you, don't you worry, you'll have someone contacting you sooner than you think. - J

06 September 2013

One Direction's New Album!!!!

One Direction have just announced their third album's title, and release date...get excited!

They posted an instagram video of Harry spelling out the album's name, and then they officially tweeted out the album title, and Harry tweeted out the release date.
I am so excited hey hey are you excited I cannot wait, it'll be here before we all know it!

Harry's tweet: 

"Midnight Memories will be out 25th of November. I think you'll like it."

Yes, yes I think I will like it very much.

Its very odd that almost a year ago we were finding out the name of their second album, Take Me Home, it feels as if it were just yesterday! And now, we're finding out the name of their third album, Midnight Memories. I think I sense a pattern with the album titles!

The title sounds oh I don't know, whimsical almost. I don't know, all I know is that I cannot wait for this album and I'm sure we'll be at the release date in the blink of an eye!

Wow. This is really insane, these guys are actually amazing.

I'm sure they'll be releasing Where We Are tour dates for North America and a few other countries really soon. Their book "Where We Are" has already been released and their first ever fragrance, "Our Moment" has also been released, so these are some veryyy busy busy boys!

I'm so excited!! -J