24 August 2013

'Our Moment' Fragrance Ad

Really excited right now, I took off for a few hours to do some homework and have dinner, when I came back there was complete madness on twitter.

I found out why, and I can conclude that the madness was expected from what has officially been released today! The One Direction 'Our Moment" Fragrance ad, very cool.

So the boys are sniffing different fruits and flowers and such and it's all very nice looking, the colors are soft and pretty, and the boys are very nice looking and it all just blends very nicely! At the end, we see the boys circling around the table with the 'Our Moment" fragrance on it, they are each twisting it so that it is placed perfectly, and then Louis grabs it and runs off, leaving the rest of the boys looking after him a bit confused!

I really like this ad, I think it is all very lovely and well put together, we get a bit of serious and a bit of humor, and it all mixes very well! I am very excited for the fragrance to come out, are you? -J