01 July 2013

This Is Us

So they boys of One Direction will be having their own movies, This Is Us, how exciting!

The trailer was released last week, I believe, and we see the boys interact with old friends back home, and their fans all over the world. The movie is gonna be in 3D and I know, I know, I am so excited. 

So the trailer is down below, and it made me cry a little, aw. The success these guys have achieved is unbelievable. I am really proud and happy for them!

The movies comes out August 30th (In America) so let me know if you'll be watching it, once or twice or maybe even three times! 

SO, the trailer is below so watch it, even if you already saw it watch it again because its amazing. It gives the chills and it makes you all happy, ugh, I can not wait for this movie, it's gonna be amaaazinngggg! -J