06 September 2012

The VMA's are today!

Yay okay, so the VMA's are officially here...but that doesn't mean you stop voting!

Some polls are still open, so vote like crazy for your favorite artist, whether it be One Direction, Justin Bieber there are a lot of people so keep voting!

Earlier last week there was a little feud between Directioners and Beliebers about the Most-Share worthy video award, some were saying it was rigged and that the boys from One Direction had payed to win (HA! Yeah okay.) Justin wasn't exactly making things better for anyone with the things he was tweeting, but he finally tweeted something that might calm the waters. The boys from One Direction not once fueling the argument, they asked their fans to vote for them, thanking them if they had already done so, and all that nice stuff. Everything seems to be okay for now (I hope...)

So yeah, tune into MTV tonight for the Video Music Awards because I am sure they will be great, so many great performers and such, it is going to be a great show!

Those are the only categories still open for voting. -J