14 August 2012

Recent News - One Direction

Heyy everyone!

So One Direction is just climbing the ladder of success like mad men..right?!

So Sunday was the Olympic closing ceremony, and guess who performed...you know - One Direction.
I sat, anxiously waiting for them to come on, and when they did I enjoyed and then they left and I was like "That was so short! I want to see it again." They were incredible. Singing What Makes You Beautiful, it was a little changed, but still wonderful.

Zayn had a blonde quiff! Yup, Mr. Zayn Malik had taken it upon himself to put a little bit of blonde in his quiff. I personally find it looks good, what about all of you? Do you think it's good or bad..should he have not done it, or was it a good choice?

New tattoos. Yup, that's right...both Zayn and Harry have gotten new tattoos. Zayn's says Zap! and some people were thinking it was for his relationship with Perrie Edwards, Za for him and P for her, but nope. It was inspired from some comic he liked.

Harry visited the tattoo parlor, and is said to be starting a half sleeve that will have a sentimental meaning to him. The feelings on this are mixed, some people are really excited to see it and think he will look gorgeous with one, while other's are not so happy or not so sure about his decision. But in the end, it really is no one's business but his, because it is his body and he can do as he pleases!

The boys are rumored to being coming back to the U.S. tomorrow! They are said to be headed to L.A are you as excited as me? See ya later:) -J