29 August 2012

Live While We're Young

I hope you are as excited as I am at the fact that One Direction is finally going to release a new single!

The new song is called Live While We're Young and it sounds like it is going to be fantastic.

The One Direction twitter along with Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall all expressed their excitement on sharing big news with the fans soon. They set a date and time to announce their news on Twitter, and when the time came, they posted a video letting the fans know what the name of their new single would be and who could pre-order it on iTunes.

Then the One Direction twitter account asked Directioners to tell them what Live While We're Young meant to them, as in, what does this title mean to you? And they retweeted their favorites, and everyone had different ideas on what the title meant.

The song that is only available for pre-order  was number one on the iTunes chart in 43 different  countries...can you believe that?! It isn't even out so you can buy it and hear it but it has already sold so many copies, its insane!

The boys have already filmed the music video and let me tell you, it looks like it is going to be pretty awesome..here are some "behind the scenes" pictures...


The boys will be performing at the MTV VMA awards on September 6 at 8pm. How excited are you for that? I can not wait to see them take that stage and perform . They are also up for two awards, Best New Artist and Best Pop Video. The Best Pop Video voting has closed now, but continue to vote for them for Best New Artist! They seem to really want a Moon Man. Check out their MTV VMA promo down below.


Talk about fabulous, the slow motion was just a topping on the cake. I'm excited, are you? -J

P.S. vote for One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful" as the most share worthy video on the MTV VMA here: http://www.mtv.com/ontv/vma/2012/most-share-worthy-video/


Today the name of their new album and 2013 tour was announced and it is ..... Take Me Home. Sounds like  it might be a slow song? I don't know, but I am soooo excited!

27 August 2012

Cher's New Album!

Hello everyone:D

Guess who's album is coming out October 2nd?

Her name begins with a C and ends with an R .... Cher!
Her album Sticks & Stones comes out and I am personally very excited..

Now I do believe that this album is the U.S version? 

This is what her album cover looks like

Do you like Cher? What is your favorite song that she sings?

So, are you going to buy her album? One song or two? Let me know! -J

22 August 2012

Zayn Malik Deactivates Twitter

Yesterday was a sad day in the world of directioners everywhere.

Zayn Malik has deactivated his twitter.

He went onto twitter yesterday night and sent out his last two tweets saying:

"The reason i don't tweet as much as used to, is because I'm sick of all the useless opinions and hate that i get daily goodbye twitter :)"

2 minutes later he tweeted his last tweet, saying:

"my fans that have something nice to say can tweet me on the one direction account :) x"

And with that, he was off. And then twitter went mad. People went on stating their opinions on why he deleted and blamed management and said anything and everything. They defended Zayn and sent him their love, even trended a few things.

Some of Zayn's family, cousins and sisters, took to twitter to explain things and state their own opinions. Blaming a video that had haters insulting Zayn and his relationship with Little Mix band member Perrie Edwards.

I will not go into detail about the video, some of you may or may not know what video I am referring to, but I don't think it is right to explain what was said in the video and what it was about, because it is an old video. The story behind that video was put to rest and put away, and then someone thought it would be a smart idea to bring it up again.

Point blank is that it's wrong to judge someone based on what you see on the outside, no one knows a thing about their relationship! Everyone just needs to stop acting like they know everything.

Take this as an example as to what the teasing, hating, and bullying can lead to.

Stop with the hate towards Eleanor, Danielle, and Perrie. They make Louis, Liam, and Zayn happy. And if Harry and/or Niall start something with a girl, let it be. It's their life not yours.

Even if you don't like the girls, respect them. And stop with the "Larry Stylinson" stuff too. BROmance not ROmance.

Let's all just hope that this is a break for Zayn, and that he will be back on Twitter when he feels like the time is right! #respect     -J


21 August 2012

Twilight's 1 million followers

The official Twilight twitter has reached 1 million followers.

oh yeah.

And that's not it, they are the FIRST EVER movie to reach 1 million followers. What?! I know, I said the same thing.

Do you follow @Twilight ? I know I do.

And don't forget that the last installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn part 2 comes out November 16. Will you be going to watch it? Let me know! -J

20 August 2012

Cher Lloyd-Recents

Cher ! I love Cher, she is a pretty, talented girl and her voice is awesome.

She was in the states earlier this month, she went to New York and such, and then she went to Canada and she met fans at malls and performed. She rode around in an awesome tour bus I mean, come on...look at this bus..its amazing okay.

(Cher Lloyd's Official Facebook Page)

She also performed at the Teen Vogue Back to School Saturday event, and performed "Want U Back" and "With Your Love" here is a picture of Cher during her performance.

(Cher Lloyd's Official Facebook Page)

Cher is back in the U.K and she performed at the V festival. I believe the two days of the festival she performed. On the second day, however, her performance turned upside down when a few people thought it would be funny to start booing Cher while she was on stage, someone even threw a glass bottle at her. Cruel. Her Brats went to the rescue though, and immediately started tweeting her nice messages and even trended "We love you Cher" 
A few hours after her performance Cher went on Twitter and sent out a twitlonger saying:

"Thank you so much for all the nice messages, shame that a couple of people had to ruin it, unfortunately a glass bottle got thrown at me on stage.Tomorrow is another day,big love to my brats!!! Xxx"

It's good to see that Cher knows that her true fans are there for her and are there to support her.

Are you a brat? Let me know!  -J 

14 August 2012

Recent News - One Direction

Heyy everyone!

So One Direction is just climbing the ladder of success like mad men..right?!

So Sunday was the Olympic closing ceremony, and guess who performed...you know - One Direction.
I sat, anxiously waiting for them to come on, and when they did I enjoyed and then they left and I was like "That was so short! I want to see it again." They were incredible. Singing What Makes You Beautiful, it was a little changed, but still wonderful.

Zayn had a blonde quiff! Yup, Mr. Zayn Malik had taken it upon himself to put a little bit of blonde in his quiff. I personally find it looks good, what about all of you? Do you think it's good or bad..should he have not done it, or was it a good choice?

New tattoos. Yup, that's right...both Zayn and Harry have gotten new tattoos. Zayn's says Zap! and some people were thinking it was for his relationship with Perrie Edwards, Za for him and P for her, but nope. It was inspired from some comic he liked.

Harry visited the tattoo parlor, and is said to be starting a half sleeve that will have a sentimental meaning to him. The feelings on this are mixed, some people are really excited to see it and think he will look gorgeous with one, while other's are not so happy or not so sure about his decision. But in the end, it really is no one's business but his, because it is his body and he can do as he pleases!

The boys are rumored to being coming back to the U.S. tomorrow! They are said to be headed to L.A are you as excited as me? See ya later:) -J

07 August 2012

Liam Payne and his 2 kidneys!

hahaha! that title makes me giggle a bit.

Soooo Liam tweeted earlier today saying that he went to get an ultrasound and found out that his kidney that hasn't worked since he was a baby, now works!

His exact tweet read:

"Just been for an ultrasound on my kidney turns out its fixed form when I was a baby!!! :o so now I have two :) #weirdnewsoftheday"

Seems like he is excited, and we are all happy for him:)

Niall was quick to reply saying:

"well if ur kidneys workin now ..comin for a pint? ahhaha i joke"

Really Niall? Do you really joke? 

Well, lets be happy for Liam who now has 2 kidneys! -J

06 August 2012

Robsten - No More?

So like I know that this story has been in the media, a lot lately, and maybe it has been talked about so much that everyone is sick of it and no one wants to hear anything more of it. I just want to talk about it a bit.

Honestly, like what Kristen Stewart did is so disappointing and it makes me upset to realize that she actually made that mistake that most likely ruined her relationship with Robert Pattinson. Like we all make mistakes and all and Kristen isn't the only one to blame, because Rupert Sanders is very much to blame too!

Robert is just everywhere according to the media, he's in London and chilling with Reese Witherspoon at her house, and partying it up, honestly I don't even know where he could be, but it's his life and his business as to where he is spending his time.

He moved out of the home that he shared with Kristen, and from what I've heard, Kristen moved out a short time after him too. People are also saying that they are figuring out who keeps the dog that they were taking care of together.

Kristen gave a public apology and according to some people it bothered Robert that she did so because they were keeping their relationship on the DL and not talking about it publicly, even though everyone well knows that they were together.

Another thing going around, is that the entire Twilight cast is "Team Robert" and that Charlize Theron is not exactly happy with Kristen because Rupert Sanders' wife is her long time friend.

If there is to be a Snow White and the Huntsman sequal, Kristen is said to most likely not be portraying Snow White again. Also, she was "banned" from going to Robert's new movie premiere in New York on the 13 of this month because she would most likely want to approach him and try to sort things out and no one wants that drama to start up at the premiere of the movie.

Everything is so off right now between them, and just like a lot of people are saying, I don't think the personal lives of these two will affect the outcome of the last installment of the series, The Twlilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2. I believe that it will still do incredibly in the box office.

I am a Robsten shipper, and it is sad to see them going through this. They seemed so in love with each other, the way they looked at one another, and then there is one horrible mistake and it all comes crashing down. I hope that they can work things out, and even if they don't get back together, I want them to be able to be in each other's presence. I don't know, it is sad really. At least to me, it does not affect my life in anyway, I am as fine as fine can be with my life. But Twilight has become somewhat of a bitter-sweet topic to me. 

Don't get me wrong, I will always love the Twilight Saga, but it just isn't the same anymore. -J