15 July 2012

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 Comic Con 2012

So on Thursday, some of the cast of the Breaking Dawn movie, gathered at Comic Con and answered a few questions about the movie and about how they felt on certain things.

They talked on whether the Twilight books would continue, and if they (Kristen, Rob, and Taylor) would be willing to pick everything up if another book was created. Kristen Stewart started off by saying that she feels like everything ended perfectly for Bella and Edward, she feels the ending was exactly what it should be, she said that she feels like everything should be left as it is, they should be left alone because they finally figured "it" out. But then she said that she would be "down" to do another movie.

IF Stephanie Meyer decided to continue writing in the world of the Cullens, though, she said that the story of Renesmee would be the path she would choose to take, she says that Bella has told her story, that part of the story is done. When she was writing The Twilight Saga she thought of a good place, where she could pick everything up from if she ever decided to do so in the future, she then said that is why Renesmee was born.

They talk about the the film's rating, and why is was rated R before the edit, and how they had to cut down on some scenes that would make the movie R. They talk about what it feels like to be moving on from this project, and what the fame ans success feels like. These are some of the topics among many covered at the Comic Con Panel, the LAST for the Twilight Saga (makes me a little sad).

The movie comes out November 16.

Check out the videos down below (from ClevverTV) , and let me know what you think! -J

P.S. sorry about the music behind the video, a bit annoying, I know.