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6 Movies to Watch on Valentine's Day

So it's Valentine's Day and your home, alone...no guy pals, no girl pals. That's totally alright, because that just gives you more time for...well, YOU! When it comes to chic-flicks I think you either love them or hate them, and I love them, and I'm not afraid to say it.

I come to you today with a list of 5 of my absolute favorite chic-flicks that you can totally watch during your V-Day marathon on February 14th.

1. Love, Rosie

I mean, this movie is so ridiculously amazing how could you not watch it? Sam Claflin? Lily Collins? YES PLEASE.

2. Clueless

Because when did you ever not want to be part of the Cher, Dionne, Tai clique? Well, hello young Paul Rudd...and that fashion, UGH *drools*

3. The Notebook

Yup. I went there. Totally over-watched, totally over talked about, but does it take away from the fact that Noah and Allie's romance is totally amazing? (Ryan Gosling, hello!)

4. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Hilarious, relatable (in some ways), and totally fun. And again, hello, Ryan Gosling.

5. Grease

I've always loved Grease, but up until recently I've gone into major Grease feels all thanks to Grease: Live. It was glorious, I loved every minute of it and you can take your pick, the original Grease, Grease: Live, or both!

6. Cinderella 

This movie is pure magic, from beginning to end it takes you to the world of Cinderella in a way that no other Cinderella film has ever. LOVE.

Hello, 2016!

This morning I woke with some serious pain, and a desire to continue sleeping, what do ya call that? New Years Day.
Yep, you did all that fun stuff last night/this morning, you ate a lot, you laughed a lot, you stayed up until 12 a.m. and are feeling it in the lack of energy you have.

I wish you the most amazing year of your life so far, & that 2016 holds magical surprises for all of us.

Here's what I was up to last night, New Year's Eve.

We also had some absolutely delish fries, pickles, and mini burgers that were far to enticing for me to pause and take pictures of, but trust me, they were delicious.
And for drink we had guava juice, & sprite with cherries for home made Shirley Temple, New Year's Eve is always one of my favorite days because of the food, the drinks, the setup, and the shows that lead up to the new year.

Let me know how you spent your last day of 2015.

All photos are mine and cannot be used without my permission.

December IPSY Bag!!

I haven't done one of these in quite some time, thought I might show you what I've got this time around it being the holidays and that..

Briogeo Curl Charisma

I haven't tried this yet, I might give it a go next time I wash my hair!
I do have curly hair, which can be quite a hassle sometimes (but it's alright..really) so we'll see what this little product does for me!

Deep Moisture Mask

This can be used as a mask, or as a moisturizer. I like that it says "moisturizer" because the days have gotten chilly, and windy which means my skin is not having it. Yup, with the cold, and the wind comes dry skin and it is horrible to have to deal with. However, I also have extremely sensitive skin, which means I have to be careful with the products I experiment with, they might break me out BIG TIME. I might try this out, start slowly, see how my skin reacts.

Peony Shadow Trio

Look at how pretty! I love these colors, so neutral, so natural, so festive! I think these three shades could make a magical smokey eye for those holiday parties, or stay at home parties (because hey those are pretty awesome too!)

Thank ME Later Eye Shadow Primer

Says it all, will I thank it later? I guess I'll figure that out with time, and can you really put on shadow without primer?!

Pacifica Power of Love Lipstick

A lovely slightly darker than neutral lipstick that is all natural and 100% Vegan, how lovely. I'm not big on lipstick, mainly because I haven't really thrown myself into them, but hey, I might just give it a go!

And who can forget the bag? Definitely loved how festive and simple this month's bag was.

What was in your December ipsy bag?
Happy Holidays.

ALL photos are mine and cannot be used without my permission.

Gift Wrapping

Christmas is right around the corner and you're all probably finishing up some shopping, and along with the shopping comes gift wrapping. I know that some people either love wrapping gifts or absolutely hate it, I love it.
I thought it would be fun to do a mini "How To" post, on how I wrap gifts, it is actually fairly easy, and I'll show you why!

You want to begin by unrolling your wrapping paper, enough so you can place the gift on top, make sure you'll have enough paper to wrap around the gift, and then fold the different ends.

You'll now cut the paper, all around the gift.
After cutting the paper you can fold over the paper so it covers half of the gift, at this point you might want to put tape so it will stay in place but if you feel like you'll be alright you can go without the tape and fold over the other side of the wrapping paper, and then place tape so the gift is completely covered.
(and by place the tape I mean actual tape, not the tape dispenser as you see below, lols!)

Moving on to the sides of the gift, it is still unwrapped.
Fold the short sides.

You'll then want to fold the long edges over (if the paper is too long you can double fold it like I did above), and tape the long sides, now the edges are completely covered, and you can move on to the other side!

Finishing touches, a magical bow and a name tag!

Show me your wrapped masterpiece, by tweeting me, or tagging me on instagram!

Photos are mine and cannot be used without my permission.